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Crazyblox Announcements

Get up to date with the latest Crazyblox Games announcements!

Flood Escape 2

This category is for everything Flood Escape 2! , here you can talk about your favorite maps, report bugs and get involved with the Crazyblox Games Flood Escape Community!

FE2 Community Maps

This topic is for any discussion relating to Flood Escape 2 Community Maps, its updates and discussion on making maps! Don’t post here if you want to talk about the main FE2 game.

Map Creations

Show off your map creations with the community! Make sure to include the Map ID, its whitelist status, some images and a video!

FE2 Item Submissions

Use this Category to show off items or ideas that you have created and would like to be added into the main FE2 game!

Flood Escape 1

This category exists for the old classic Flood Escape 1. You can still report bugs and issues here as this Category is checked regularly by Crazyblox Games Staff.

Map Developers

Ask questions about Map Development in here!


This is the Creativity category! This is for creative medias and art that do not necessarily apply to anything flood escape related.