[0.1 Release!] Blackhole Lands post

This is a post all about blackhole lands! A map i am working on! Hope you help me in development!


Needs some updates but this is Finished Product 0.1

ID is 4470603231.

i don’t want to make it too complex for you, although i will give some tips.

although right now it seems decent, it’s only one part, plus it kind of looks empty. just dead grass is what we call empty. you could add decorations like trees and boxes, and maybe even ropes if you want. i also recommend making the lift invisible to that the map looks more realistic if it starts outside. you could also make the terrain more diverse, like sudden gaps in places or just cliffs surrounding the spawn point.

by the way, if you want to make ropes, you should consult this plugin since it makes it a lot easier for you to make ropes:

(P.S. when using this plugin, the ropes start as cancollide false so if you want people to be able to walk on them, then go to the properties of the rope, select all the segments, and check the cancollide option.)

How does this look?

it looks pretty good, although you could switch the boxes since they look like free models, and honestly free models aren’t a good thing for your map since most of them contain viruses

Ok i will

Does this look better?

it does indeed look much better, you’re off to a good start

Paths were originally very thin and annoying.

They look much better than when they were thinner.

Also, what’s the difficulty?

Insane. It’s Insane.

I know this is an opinion but if it’s a certain difficulty, then the music should be different. For example, if it’s easy or normal difficulty, the music should be more mellow. If it’s hard, insane, or crazy difficulty, then it should be more upbeat. Again, this is just my opinion.

I would rather my 1st map (rather my 2nd map but thats a buff so i don’t exclude that) to be good. Also the song is great.

I suggest adding the cosmic skybox since it’s called black hole lands

How does this place seem for the first button?


Newest picture!

Some Signs

Last Part I Worked On!

are the signs free models?

I think he just added free models.
But I think he used this model.