[10 VOTES] 💧 Atlantis


Status: Finished, Whitelisted

Creator(s): tony333444

Release date: October 10th 2018

Difficulty: Easy

Buttons: 5

Average time to complete: 1:10

Floods Number: 4 Normals, 1 Groups

Water Phases: Water, Acid

Amount of parts: 3048 Parts

You found an unknown underwater temple and you got inside somehow. But there is no time to check and see the arts and architecture of this antic temple because the water will rise quickly. You need to find a way trough the old greek temple to escape from the rising and salty water of the Atlantic ocean or you’ll drown with temple.

Map description
The map start with a spawn that go to a cross section, at this part, you need to press 2 buttons to continue your way. After that, you’ll reach a room with a truss and at the top of it, you’ll find an entrance to the main room. The main room as the same and similar style of the cross section with 2 other buttons. After, you need to do an easy parkour of several platforms to reach the last room. The last room has the same obstacles as the main room, at the end of it, you are going to reach the exit.


  • Nerfing the flood rising speed.
  • Changing the BGM due to the removal of the old one.

As i do normally, Ill stay in the comments for the next month so if you have any questions you can reply and will answer you soon as i can.

ID: 2390539120

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Water Temple


Special Thanks to Zyn, Michael T and Gentleberry16 Gerek for the video.


Michael T


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Great as always!

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wedges.exe could not be loaded

looks like a more water-based version of Forgotten Tombs.

love it!

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Nice map but it also for some reason makes me think of a sci map.

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Very awesome map!

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I was thinking about making a Atlantis themed map but u made it earlier so can’t really do about it
Ima think of a new name and hopefully it won’t be liek ur map ;-;

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This map is awesome!

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@Trilix Fix the status would you?

Ye thx to lemme know

rly cool as usual! btw if u remember, i’m ImTotallyWaggy from math’s vip server :'p

anyways, take this comment as a vote! u now have 8 votes :))

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did you jsut change bgm?

Yes, the old music was deleted from roblox due to copyright issues.