(10 Votes!) πŸŒƒ Downtown [Crazy]

Status: Completed. Accepting feedback!

ID: 2750027045
Creator: FastFloods
Difficulty: Crazy
Average Completion Time: 1:36s
Button Count: 6
Map Creation Date: January 24th, 2020 to May 13th, 2020.

Description: Don’t be late to the party at Downtown!





That’s about it for now. :slight_smile:

i reccomend you use more cylinders

And put some fog, it make the map more live.

I legit really like this map, everything about it is great!

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i bet this can be a easy if not for the liquid in the map and the thin cardboard jumps

Probably. But, I was going to reply with that I couldn’t possibly beat this map because I can’t beat Dark Sci-Fi Facility, Beneath the Ruins (I know these 2 are Insane maps) and Blue Moon (This one is another in the Crazy difficulty).

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There was fog before but the fog was horrible in the last room since it was big.

This map looks nice and has a quite under-used theme, but, in my opinion, the music doesn’t really fit the theme. Still, I like it, so have a vote! :sparkles:

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Was going to record this but I suck lol

Should I nerf it?

Opera Snapshot_2019-12-26_211030_twitter.com

holy jesus thats amazing

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Hmm… what should I update in this map?

difficulty. buff the map. it looks like a hard/insane map more than crazy

buff??? this is already like a medium crazy O_o

other than that, i think this map has a lot of potential to get in-game

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this died ;(

Yay a new video! Also I’m probably going to update the map a bit

the map is kinda good

cant think of suggestions lol

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@RadioDashGames thanks for your vid!