[12+ Votes!] Digitalization

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
This map is called Digitalization, by Enszo, Grande_Tony, Uncomfortable90zaza, Alvthechip, & liliguy777. It was built by all of us meaning to be a difficult insane and a challenge for all players.

However, a sequel is being planned out…
Map ID/Name: 1691249952

Pictures of Map-

Looks good! +1 vote!

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gg lmao

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t pose isnt funny


yes it is

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its an ok meme

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planning to change this PFP asap when I get home

I voted because i made it lol

is that legal?

Not it isn’t i think, a challenge so it won’t get it sadly :expressionless:

this map wasnt made to get in, it’s kind of enszo’s response to “all enszo maps are easy”

ik, enszo is the challenge map guy

Great map! +1 vote!


Very amazing map!

is the sequel harderlization

no, harderlization is just digitalization but harder

for some reason, there is a huge lag spike when i press the first button; this must be proposital

and yeah, this is probably the cause of the increasingly long lag spikes that occur everytime i press the first button

blame eventstring