[12 VOTES] StoneWall Corridor(Eh probably done)

Prob my 11th map that I’ve completed (including from my main), idk math isn’t my strongest point.
Also…PSST Its brick count is like 5500 and im planning to lower it down soon. lol

Description: I accept any criticism, to help improve the map, however the map is still w.i.p, so do not expect too much I guess. After longs days of inactivity I finally brought myself to remaster yet another map, not from this game but from another. By the same creator as Dragon islands :3

Status: Cool, it’s done after I spam cacti and swords and lowering the brick count

Map name: Stonewall Corridor (yes it doesn’t fit but this is a remastered version so it doesn’t count >:C )

Time taken to complete: 1min:11sec:99ms

song id: 1839906422

Id: 1260182724 (Sorry for not changing it Xd)


(Map Image)


–Sorry Electro, I took a bit of inspiration from ur map… ;w;

Nice, a video wewewew, lmao.

Creator: YeetN00bish(basically realdraggy66 lol)

Game I remastered: Adventure Forward 2, (map is, Stonewall corridor, same name as this map)

noice map!

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Awesome! This remind me of Sky Sanctuary

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The thing is, the detail of the map, is pretty nice, theres wedges and etc

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I like it a lot! It’s cool how the map image is pixel art :smiley: I like that alot

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ye, i actually in the middle of making a map rn, so ima go.

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and happy christmas

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no joke this map looks promising

like literally i think this will get in fe2

+1 Vote 4 u

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This looks Fantastic!!

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just for u ppl info,
the axe at the bottom left of 2nd pic rotates to block ur way

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lol I added something so you know it isn’t dead just that i’ve been busy

tOTaLlY nOt aN eXcuSe tO rEvIVE mAp

I got Dragon Islands when I played this. I eventually beat it, but why did it happen?

he replaced this ID to dragon island as a person keep spamming him to get dragon island back

Oh, ok.

I changed the id omg sorry i forgot to change it AHHHHHHHH

uhhhhhhhh yeah it was me but how did you know

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oh and he replaced dark territory for stonewall

im friends with noobby on discord lol