🦋 [18 Votes] Aesthetic Creekside [REVAMP]

Status: In Development
Creators: Spinkleblox, Suuzv, hallowyni, Arthzii
ID: Now whitelisted! 4635749731

Description: This Creek has been abandoned by the public due to paranormal activities. After half a century, the water has somehow been replaced with lava, and the lava is rising rapidly.

Updates of 3/9/20:

  • Changed land borders
  • Added Northern lights
  • Changed the lighting
  • Added clouds on lava
  • Added more islands
  • Changed some obstacles
  • Added Rain
  • Changed the spawn location
  • Added some purple assets
  • Reduced the amount of trees
  • Revamped the secret area (more info below)

Map pics:

More about the Secret area:

The secret area has been revamped yet again. But this time, I added two NPCs, and a hallway dedicated to artwork of the map. The hallway displays fan art of the map itself or any of the developers of Shattering Industries.

DM me if you want to add yours to the area with the artwork you wanna add.

Thanks for voting!

wow that is nice




@Irla @Overminted



I dont like the neon trees. They’re kinda spammed around.

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I love the mark that located near the button at the middle.

I am not the fan with that triangle texture and it’s a little bit weird for me.

The neon tree with transparent leaves and pink neon vine looks weird for me imo.

But in general, It’s good enough. And the kermit was my most favorite thing in this game

Design + Details: 7.3/10 (Good)
Gameplay: N/A
Overall: N/A

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This is a good revamp, but it feels a bit lackluster compared to the other version, but i cant exactly put my finger on what

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However maybe add some rocks floating around the water and change some tree’s colors to different shades of blue? But still nice, heres a vote

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tbh you could have just improved the original but that’s just my opinion

not saying you should delete this or anything

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I’m bad with descriptions shutup

no I liked it lol

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u gonna use the ost i made this time? lol

btw i could probably compose you a new one, i’ve found a ton of problems with the original so just hit me up if you wanna see one

but dang this looks nice have a vote

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thanks but i’ll go with this for now

aight lol

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is there anything you want me to put in some trees place

Broooooo that is fricking goodish!!

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Maybe smaller bushes or rocks?

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will do thank you for the suggestion

A little review:

I would suggest to change the textures, they dont look really good but i understand if you tried to experiment with using them. Its pretty unique and something we dont see everyday. But why are there electricity particles in the water? Its not an unstable facility but a lake so maybe add a different particle, perhaps a few purple star sparkles? And i did mention about filling the water areas with a few rocks floating on the water, i would also suggest a few neon lillies. Not gonna lie, this map is another example of an outdoor map that does make neon look fitting and unique (another example would be Cycles).

Also another thing i would adress is that the terrain doesnt really look the best. I mean i like the pebble and grass combination, but overall something just doesnt click in with me. Maybe add like some graft tufts falling out on the walls perhaps? Also in the other version, i saw some constellations used, thats an original idea! You can add some too.

I can see that theres an entrance to the cave, but it feels a bit empty and a bit squarish. Maybe try to place some boxes, pickaxes (idk lol), planks or perhaps stalagmites on top ? (Stalas are unfrozen icicles seen in caves) maybe make the ambience darker, but not TOO dark, otherwise the trees would look awkward.

This is a good map, might need a few adjustments to make it look better, but i understand you have tried to make it look better. The name is original and unique, which is another thing i like. Cant wait for the final result!

I hope that this helps, i also hope this didnt feel strict in any way.

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thank you for the suggestions, i already was thinking of adding stalagmites to the cave so you’ll be seeing those. I really like the water lilies idea so I’ll add those as well. I’ll change the particles to something more realistic. you’ll also be seeing the same constellations used in the older version. I already removed the textures because of a previous suggestion. I also am aware that the cave entrance is empty, I was going to add some things in it. also made the ambiance darker

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