[Status:] Feedback Needed

[Solo Playtime] : Around 1:10 - 1:20 seconds.

[MAP ID] : 4630081898

[Description ]
THE SEQUEL TO EMERALD VILLAGE! My first map since 1 - 2 years! I worked hard on this map for a pretty long amount of time, set in a village/forest hybrid with a total number of 9 buttons.


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LINK TO MODEL : https://www.roblox.com/library/4630081898/FEMAP-Emerald-Forest-EASY

very nice dude

The trees and terrain is Soo good

Mmm crispy map


Hot map

Looks really nice!

Emerald Forest is the greatest, superb map I have ever played. It’s really fantastic and I really liked it! :evergreen_tree:

The designs and the details are amazing. The concept looks really nice, and I like how it would look like! The gameplay fits perfectly, and the BGM sounds great! It feels relaxing and calming to listen to the OST.

This map deserves a great vote. It really has a nice gameplay and it really does look great to play for beginners. Amazing job! :+1:

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looks great, i dont really like the trees but thats just me i guess

[ 2-11-2020 ]

Added a new ramp because the old one looked too ugly for my tastes

Added extra grass blocks to avoid seeing outside of the map when you zoom out.

Made the two wooden planks shorter and fixed a problem with the terrain.

[ Minor Updates ] -

- Added a MapImage


Im also looking for people to be one of the first to record this map, in a way to gain more attention for this map, if you are atleast a semi-famous youtuber and you have free time, record this map.

First one to create a HQ video on this map will have their video placed on the main post!

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Ok will try to

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Here it is:

btw sorry for taking the model.


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what does that even mean bruh

This map is honestly alright i suppose, some of the most unique color schemes.
Wonder what this would look like in shadowmap

…did you even bother looking at the map in full detail, yet alone even play it at all

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