2 Buddies bug

Idk if is a bug, but is not normal. Sometimes this happen when i join a server, then if i die or rejoin, it disapear. And go to 1 buddie normaly. Imagine that being a feature? like gamepass that allow to equip 1+ buddie each purchase.

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I’ve never seen this one before

Happened to me like 10 times

( lol look the page behind the thing XD )

I’ve seen it before, and experienced it several times. It’s nothing to worry about, as it is simply a visual bug.

i’ve gotten like 10 buddies before and it’s fun lmao

imagine that being a feature? that u can buy more buddies

this has happened to me quite a few times, actually. since 2018, actually.

i only saw it with two buddies
it happened to me and other players, but i always thought it had something to do with what level a player was
also the last time i saw this was a long time ago and i only saw it with the mini crazy buddy