20 Player map collab (Yes this is a old idea and I'm doing it again) Open again but changed plans

Umm hi, so after reading the title, it may sound familiar, if yes, you might remember this post:
Should I make a map that requires 20 players to beat? (Old post, pls don't revive)

Basically this map requires a full vip server to beat it.

So uhh the only people that was working on the map was Fed, me, and Raxdii (RadioDashGames)
Overall the map project was abandoned

Edit: We are scrapping the last project, we will just make a normal map with 20 people now.

So uhh here is a poll if I should bring this old project or idea back or not.

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m gonna like get 12 people to work in this tho. If you want to help or join this collab, ask please.
1: InocularGaming (Literally Me)
2: yellow_hege
3: heyitzcodyplays
4: nawkoir (nawkie.alpa)
5: a456pur
6: OriLePonytronic
7: ErrorGlitchNotFound
8: Tabby
9: MythicalMudkipRBLX
10: RBLXDenimated
11: TimeNotDesign
12: MrBloxMC
13: AnaoG_Gamer123
14: Eddy
15: Floodyboi
16: ZappyZooms (asked on discord)

You should be a map maker team name. Remember TOMR (The Old Map Remakers)? Team name.

this sounds fun :smiley: can I join?

sure i love too ign codecody1245 discordCody#1619

this will be a mess

But why

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This is the no funny :mount_fuji:

I have lost the funny :mag:

Noooo :cry::hugs:

:hugs: :+1: Yeah…

Knockles Meme Approver I also need help finding the funny in this post :cry::cry:

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Searching for the funny… :mag:

The funny not found. You have failed the vibe check :x:

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tbh i need to try it because my dev team is a catastrophe, i am not ready to own megacollabs.

but we have only one life, so here i am.

Anac4nda/DressPress (yes , S_lots is my acc)

can i join


what is the map abt tho

Stop with the collabs it’s for your own sanity


Just wAtch the bus and you 'll understand

what the
can you stop

hOw DO I jOIn