[20 Votes! 🥳] Collapsing Factory (WIP)

Yes, I know this is basically your generic facility map, but I’m practicing to make better maps :slight_smile:

Status: Gathering Support, Work In Progress

Completion: [■■■■■□□□□□] 50% Completed

Map Info
Creator: ExtremeMaster999 (me), XxrobloxmsterxX
ID: 5294489097 (note: this ID contains all my very bad maps so just be warned)
Button Count: 14 (50%)
BGM: A Hat in Time OST [Seal the Deal] - Collapsing Time Rift
Map Length (goal): 170 seconds or 2 minutes and 50 seconds

Map Description
You’re working at the factory when the building starts to shake. You notice that on the floor of the structure, lava is slowly rising up, and you have a few minutes to get outta there and make it out in one piece. Also, today is pizza day. Better get to the surface before you’re left with pineapple. (Lucky you if you like pineapple)

Pictures/Videos of Map



Collapsing Factory (WIP: 40% Completed) || Map Update! - YouTube
I was too lazy to make a proper thumbnail lol

Update Log

  • Created forum post
  • 5 votes :smiley:

These updates have been released:

  • Purple Room!
  • 10 Votes :grinning: (02/07/2021)
  • Pictures are now hidden in a drop-down menu to clean up the post
  • Spawn has been changed from transparent default to transparent medium stone gray and smooth surfaces
  • Boxes that slide in when the 4th Button is pressed are changed and much easier to climb up
  • Map is now actually completable
  • Boxes in the Blue Room move in 5 more studs
  • Details added
  • Lighting changed in some areas
  • Lava rising has been tweaked
  • 15 Votes! :partying_face:
  • Pink Room!
  • Changes to the forum post
  • (Planned) Extra detail in other rooms
  • Minor changes to Pink Room
  • Bug fixes
  • Boxes that roll in after 4th button press have been flipped for easier gameplay
  • Assorted stuff and things
  • XxrobloxmsterxX has been invited to help (yey)
  • Pink Room has been revamped and most awkward gameplay has been fixed
  • Creator name changed (ExtremeMaster999 to ExtremeMaster999 and XxrobloxmsterxX)
  • (Planned) Outdoor Section

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Thanks for reading!
If you have any feedback, share it with me so I can improve my map :smiley:
I’m planning on adding a room every day then adding extra details in all the rooms since it’s quite empty in some parts.

I gotta fix the image slideshow :confused:
Hold on while I do that

(Some people say this is because it’s gotta load in, will wait like 5 minutes or so)

ok forget it i’ll try to make a slideshow later


get image’d

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i like it, i really like its simplicity


i thought you said green was going to be the tower tho :confused:

okay I lied lol
it’s a mini-tower because it’s not a room and it’s not a tower

this is really amazing, but maybe give the lava int he tower part a texture, because it looks strange just being plastic

There’s a texture in Studio but because the lava is transparent neon, in-game the texture doesn’t show
Gonna work on fixing that actually

man for it being wip i really like it!

not sure about the dark lines in the 3rd and 4th pictures, but looks really nice so far

looks pretty interesting, you got a vote from me

Yeah! Kinda interesting but wip so I will wait to see the finished.

Thanks for the support - tomorrow I’ll add a new room, add some wall details (for example, the 2nd and 3rd pictures will have better walls)

I’ll record a video early showcasing the gameplay since it isn’t what you would expect in your typical FE2 map. Thanks again for looking at this post :grin:

This map looks really cool

hi timmy

the simplicity fits in and everything blends well.

although some areas can be improved, this is Epic

thought you said something bout me lol

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Happy birthday @DMinecraft999!

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