20 Votes! - Gem Torch Pack!

An official REDESIGN tank by BloxPixel, creator of gem torches and barrel tank!

Here we go… Another gem tank pack submission but this one is designed!

Price Description Status
150 :floodgem: The most valuable torch in Flood Escape history. Currently in-game but not the new design.

Image of the view/Equipped on a player:

Item Content:
Ruby Torch, Amber Torch, Emerald Torch, Sapphire Torch(It used to be called “Diamond Torch”), Amethyst Torch
Ruby Torch Preview:


Amber Torch Preview:


Emerald Torch Preview:


Sapphire Torch Preview:


Amethyst Torch Preview:


Thank you for viewing this gem torch redesign submission!

epic gamer but i ran out of votes :joy:


Man… Press F to pay respect. :pensive:

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Oh, I have to fix the ruby torch image preview section. :man_facepalming:

Sorry, I don’t like this one that much. The old stick, while more basic, blends in with some maps well like the mineshaft ones.

The new one? In various official maps, they look more foreign than their originals. Not knocking the originals too much, they kind of fit the FE2 vibe for me.

By itself, it’s alright. The torch cone is a questionable design choice. Unfortunately, the new design makes the fire less fitting.

If this could be improved, I think the torches should have a unique twist in them to let the player decide more on which one torch favors the other.

looks epic
sponge torch NOW

I didn’t know there was a vote limit what is it

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well basically once you vote quite a large amount of maps there will be a warning when you vote the next one, the warning should appear around when you have 5 votes left. you can regain votes back by:

  • the topic you voted for is locked
  • you unvoted it manually

i don’t know the exact limit but hope this helps in the mean time. i’ll count it later.



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What makes it questionable?

New change!

  • Changed the gem torch handle.

New changes!

  • Made the fire pixel particle.
    ** Changed the transparent, size.
    *** Moved the second particle part on top of the 1st one.
  • Rotated the second handle(the dark grey one) with 45 degrees.
  • Added small metal part to gem part.
  • Added particle to gem part.

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Looks like… I’m gonna have to update this topic. Including that I will be recolor all of 5 gem torches. Pain.

Just recolored all gem torches! (Ignore the white gem torch and barrel tank. The white one is a template that I will duplicate and recolor if I added a new change to it and… The barrel tank design which I will have to make the post soon.)

Now… I will have to overwrite those model and update the topic. Sighs…

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Did you just inadvertently make the barrel tank on the right stand out?

If the new designs gets added. I will buy all of them.

and no i’m not becoming the fe2 version of i talk (fortnite youtuber)

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I didn’t like the red one since the red handle color is just bright. I’m probably decided to change it.

New change.


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I don’t really know about the Granite material if I’m going to be honest here.