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FE2 Community Tank - BOBA Tank

Information about Boba Tea tank:
Status: Gathering a feedback!
Part Count: 25 parts. (125 parts as 5 tanks of them.)
Description: Exhausted while escaping from the flood? Take the boba tea tank with you!
Price: 300 Flood Coins.

Image of the view/Equipped on a player:

Item Content:
Strawberry Boba, Tangerine Boba, Greentea Boba, Blueberry Boba, Grapetaro Boba

For this section, images of each tank preview are not available until soon!

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I’m proud of item, but this is hard to decide, because i hate Boba Cafe bc of bad moderators, i don’t hate item, i can’t give a vote tho bc of my decision.

Almost 10 votes!

Thank you for 10 votes!

eee noice

better than my stupid tank at least

that did not take you longer than a few minutes

What do you mean?

I didn’t know that this has 16 votes. Boba tank seems to be too big for player. I can try to resize them soon.

Can I have a Brown Sugar Deerioca plz😭