[20 VOTES] Marred Tree and Fallen Island

Marred Tree and Fallen Island - Flood Escape 2 tank submission

Price: 200 Coins. (250 :floodgem: if optional.)
Description: Based on new 2 maps in flood escape 2 by Crazyblox!

Marred Tree - Image of the tank/Equipped on a player:

Fallen Island - Image of the tank/Equipped on a player:

i dont really like the fallen one

and also i suggest making the leaves less transparent

Thank you for a suggestion/feedback!

@DMinecraft999 Which transparent should I set at?

idk lol

change the decal for the islands on the fallen tank

minecraft bedrock or whatever that is doesn’t look good

can you make the fallen one slate and grass?

This idea is unique. Taking other stages and converting them in to a tank with a few features of them. I love this, but a few things still bother me slightly

Dunno why, but since the pink grass on the Marred Tree tank seems really big. That causes the quality to plummet. IDK if you can fix this as far as I know. I’d also change the color of the trees so it looks more orange,

Fallen looks cool, but still a bit lackluster. Same as the Marred Tree tank, I see the object’s quality being very poopy. I think this would look a lot better if it were the monochrome grass textures, heck, maybe even add some transparent fog orbiting around the tank, though I think that might lag.

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kinda cool concept

Imo, I like the Fallen tank. Tho, there can be one change.

  • Possibly remove the mini-buttons?

I think it would look better that way.

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That actually looks pretty cool :+1:

It’s a Roblox grass material that I use.

It’s literally have slate and grass material tho.

and it’s extremely stretched

oh, well can you make the slate darker?

Thank you for your feedback/suggestion!

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I’ve just made a change to those tanks right now.

Hey, I just made a change to those Marred Tree and Fallen Island tank.

Marred Tree:

Fallen Island:


yeah the darker slate looks better

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Thank you for 10 votes on this tank submission!

Interesting item, you got my vote!