20 VOTES! [Revamped ⚒ ] The Overflow


Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support

Creator(s): KayoLuvsMayo and tony333444

Release date: December 5th 2018

Difficulty: Insane, Crazy (Harder version)

Buttons: 14 Normals, 0 Groups

Average time to complete: 1:45

Floods Number: 5

Water Phases: Acid & Lava

Amount of parts: 3450 Parts

You are a worker working at a water treatment plant near an active volcano. During a normal day at your work, in the main elevator, you feel a violent shake that broke the lift. Somehow, you find a way to open the doors of the elevator and you discovered that you are at the lowest level of the facility (-4). You can see that the water is already filling up the rooms due to the broken pipes damaged by the recent earthquake. Can you disable the core to avoid a calamity or you’ll drown painfully? Your choice is yours!

Map description
This map has been completely revamped by the help of KayoLuvsMayo (the original builder of this map). The first three rooms have now improved parkour mostly inspired of Sinking Ship by CrazyBlox. The diving room has been a bit modified but still the same with a lot of boxes. Also, the flood of the climbing section has been seperated from the first flood. The main tower has been totally revamped. The flood of this section still have the same concept from the old one, the flood will start to rise slowly and then, it will go very fast. Some of the parts of the tower have been totally reimagined due the ease of these parts. The vent that goes to the final rooms has now walljumps inside of it. The final rooms have the goal to replace the cavern at the ending of the level. The final rooms have been originally made by Kayo and inspired of Beneath the Ruins by CrazyBlox. After completing those rooms, you reach the end which is a magma chamber from the volcano.


  • Tower’s flood has been buffed in term of speed.
  • Shortcut in the last room has been fixed.
  • Little resprite of some rooms.
  • Adding secrets. :eyes:

As i do normally, Ill stay in the comments for the next month so if you have any questions you can reply and will answer you soon as i can.

ID: 1345485465 or 3746269018 (Harder version)

Bossfight - Maze of Mayonnaise


Special thanks to Kroha, Alphandom, ImTotallyWaggy & MunchK1D for the videos.





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Looks great!

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:+1: the revamp was amazing Tony!


Nice map!

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huh a revamped ver.?

and polls not working

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polls dont work rip, and nice revamp

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totally not gonna be the next creeperreaper with alot of BOXES

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How always, AMAZING! For me you best creator =D

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i will create vid first

We can’t vote for polls ;w;



No, bring back the original. Revamp is horrible.

you’ve really outdone yourself this time tony, keep up the good work :smiley:

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKYsBzdiIa4&feature=youtu.be yeet


All i have to say about this map is that it is… literally… just literally…


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Polls are working!

Thank You! :smiley:

ah, shucks. It was nothing