2017 Abandoned Facility [INACCURATE]

Status: Gathering Support, Done

Stuff about the map:
ID: 4316977796
Remade by: FedeDoesStuff

Description of Map
A remake of Abandoned Facility lol. I’ve seen plenty of FE2 map remakes back in 2018, including PlaceRebuilderre’s Dark Sci-Facility, Sinking Ship remake.
The trend has died down, why not revive it? This time, I’m doing the Abandoned Facility from 2017.

Note you don’t have to vote this, as it’s just a remake of an already existing FE2 map, I’m just remaking it for FE2 Map Test just for people to practice the map (somehow)

Pictures / Videos of Map-


Looks like it was copied directly from FE2, and I like it lol

it is meant to be a replica after all, it’s meant to go on inocular’s game as well

Secret Facility cool too.

fixed the static, you could barely see it

map is super dark from the vid im watching so i really dont know if im getting colours right

Are you building it solo or your team that build other old maps it building it?

He built it solo

The 7th Abandoned Facility Ever Existing

MrBloxMC Remaster
iiExoticSlayer Remake
Within Suffocation Buff
Crazyblox Ver.
Flood Project 275 Ver.
Free Model Ver.
and this version

aaaaaaaaaaaa there’s alot
but this remake is very accurate tbh also I like it

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Seems accurate. Good remake afterall.


solo, im doing it myself

its my 3rd time remaking abandoned facility lol

There used to be a WIP remake by PlaceRebuilderre I can recall, I played it back in september 2018.

So it’s the 8th lol

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the vents look a bit blocky tbh, the map looks great though! very accurate


Thanks everyone for the support! I appreciate it!

It’s time for me to make the swimming parts… I have no idea how to do the fans


localeventscript should make the desaturated yellow vegetables go spen

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w hat

optical illusions

how is this so legit man

the swimming rooms r so hard to remake

The map is whitelisted! It works on Inoc’s remake, and the FE2 id is 4316977796.

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i just put in that ID and it loaded like 50 maps at once!