2019 map mix - submit maps here!

So, im making a map mix, and i was wondering what maps i can put in. i need: the name of the map, the creator, and the model of the map (NO SCRIPTS). i also need permission for me to use it in a map mix

Note: I only need about a 5 second portion of the map, since im trying to fit 24 Maps with the max time restriction of 2 min (i will increase time if more people apply)


Map: 2019 Map Mix 
Creator(s): Kriscross102
Model: --Link Here


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increase time hmmmmmmmmmmm

Not yet, I need maps

isn’t anna making it

Never seen it

But any maps I could use?

i cant submit mine since it’s wip also uhhh

probably gonna finish it in january anyways :woman_shrugging:

Map: Elysium
Creator: carefulscary
Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/2665539253/Elysium

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lol progress

Adding Elysiam soon

Map: Warehouse
Creator(s): MrS1imeBoi
Model: 4056139977

You can use the first room

I would enter a map, except I worked on it with some other people and I’m not the main builder. I’ll try to get permission.

Map: Sinking Ship
Creator(s): coolzak35
Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/2536089322/sinking-ship

(I know it’s already a Flood Escape 2 map, but I completely re-created this one myself :slight_smile: )

Ok, I’ll add those 2 soon

Error: Map Model Is Not On Sale

Success! I will add the map and update in about 30 min

Can we play the map?

Yes, ID Is 4247618360


Map: Time Travel
Creator: RBLXDenimated
Model: https://web.roblox.com/catalog/2635876243/um

i got nothing

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This is bye me