[🎉 25 VOTES] | Subzeroic Techzone

Sᴜʙᴢᴇʀᴏɪᴄ Tᴇᴄʜᴢᴏɴᴇ ʙʏ NᴇᴏBᴜɪʟᴅᴇʀs Tᴇᴀᴍ

Done, Whitelisted, Gathering Support.

Map Identification
Name: Subzeroic Techzone
Creators: NeoBuilders Team
Difficulty: Crazy
Music: Waterflame - Striker
ID: 3205532466

This map was a megacollab of a team called NeoBuilders Team. This map was planned to be Christmas theme back around late October to mid November 2019, but we did not successfully finished on time which is Christmas day, and eventually finished at February 2020. This map is also the first map created by NeoBuilders Team. Still, this map needs your support so, any suggestion, ideas, or problem, reply this topic or PM me via CBG Forum, Roblox, Twitter, or join the Discord server.

About NeoBuilders Team
NeoBuilders Team was formerly a TQ:FE (The Quest: Flood Escape) Megacollab that was failed due to the members was inactive. Since then, the TQ:FE MC has been cancelled and turned into a whole Team with active members. To this day, we have about 19 members in the team and we have a plan for the second map that estimated to be finished around August 2020. If you want to join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zP2ejwh

Members of the team:

  1. paundra0217
  2. CryoHellish
  3. ZappyZooms
  4. Aniysion
  5. justinchua2006
  6. RichardIosRBX
  7. Lsy2006News
  8. haibara1
  9. hallowynl
  10. zykhl
  11. Notsocooldud3456
  12. A_ltrix
  13. Night_zy
  14. TheMalaysianDude
  15. CrystalTokyo
  16. Rubixled
  17. Akin
  18. Kriscross102
  19. RealALFCreeper

Sorry for misspelling of the name.

Pictures of the Map

Videos of the Map
By CrystaITokyo

By CryoHellish

By LeMathGamer

By RichardIosRBX

If you want to submit the video you can reply to this topic.

Closing Note
So that’s it about our map. Thank you and God bless you all. ^o^/.

looks nice





You know what
Kick me off
I don’t want to be in this dev team anymore
So CrystaITokyo cant bully me as much as he wants

i watched the vid and im annoyed that the water does not sync with music

I’m not really happy with the result but we had fun making this

Very soon, I will be fixing a lot of the scripting, xD that’s all I needs say

not everything has to focus on sync

but still

Good map

The details are so good and the gameplay too :+1:

The work of this 19 people are so good,you guys did a good work

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Dude that’s not cool you make him heart/feeling broke. You should be better apologize him and now he left the team at the moment. I don’t want my team to be broken apart because of bullying.

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totally not and that’s the reason why justin left the team.

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Remember paundra

Anything in internet its not to be take serious

-A guy who I don’t remember

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he was detailing only no parts

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oki doki.

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People are so unappreciative nowadays
Like you tried your best, it might not look the best but people should respect that they tried to make it look good.


5 likes in 2 minutes that must be a record


so laugh
i forgot to funni


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alrighty then… A famous quote from “A guy who I don’t remember”. May I know who is “A guy who I don’t remember”?