[26 VOTES! 🎉] Joris and the Dragon [COMPLETED]

Hello Guys, I’m Jullakorn_Liam and I’m now creating this topic because this map is a little bit detailed and worked in progress… …I just created this topic because the map has archived to be a detailed map and so many updates are here!

Compliments and more

I remembered a folder myself, and even came up with it. Because, I was trying to get relatively good. And suddenly I pressed the button and then I saw some info’s and I liked that because otherwise I can just save it. So that’s the official topic, it is called “How to make a terrain” by “FallenAGK”. It is understandable, of course. So that’s why I came up with this map.
MapName Presentation
I am so fond of the name of the roller coaster in the Netherlands, the location Efteling. And the roller coaster name of the cheerful attraction, after all, the Joris and the Dragon.
BGM Presentation
I determined this discovery from the official soundtrack of the roller coaster namely the Joris and the Dragon. You may know that if you are Dutch. But I just chose this music because everyone almost loves this rollercoaster but you, I typed in these days.
I compliment when someone ends up on my YouTube channel and starts typing in the discussion. And when sent, I stick on this topic. And then everyone can see what the other YouTubers went to compliment …

  • Here is an new YT Channel and that is litterally “FE2 Preview”. But here is the link so I gonna add this at the compliments

no compliments what users have typed found.

This map has a logo, available to download for your video or thumbnail, this model was creating until 4 months ago. with all these things.

Problem: If you add this map, it will crashes the game. The Creator did’nt know how do we fixed in.
Give please a tutorial for me how do I continue the map without CRASHING.


Status: Whitelisted, Work In Progress, Gathering Support
W.I.P/Editing Progress: Totally Finished! (Only scripting the Dragon that he must be dead.)
Version: V1.75 (Every 3 Months comes a update) V1 - V3



ID: 5811494494 (Cannot find combatible maps)

Difficulty: Hard (Finally I gonna make a hard map)
Music: Joris En De Draak - Efteling (NL, English Translation “Joris And The Dragon”)
Creators: Jullakorn_Liam, feferio, Elderlypetrik007Cz, 10szym and ali76350
Classic Buttons: 4
Group Buttons: 3
States: Water (actually the state is lava)
Shortcuts: Fixed
Script Used: EventScript
Rates Information
Details Description(MoreInfo): Yes, I just created a lot of details. One(1) Free Model has actually added because It’s too difficult for me how do I make the Sail Boat.
Gameplay Description(MoreInfo): Yes, I just planned and tested for this map because I litterally tried how do I plan and make a good/true gameplay.

Jullakorn_Liam: Map Creator
10szym: Meshes Creator/Scripter
feferio: Music Planner/Decorator
Elderlypetrik007Cz: Gameplay Planner/Tester
ali76350: Helper/Recreations Creator

(If JapolakXD789 say yes, then is here a huge revamp.)

Music INFO:
Music: Joris En De Draak - Efteling (NL, English Translation “Joris And The Dragon”)
Music Planned by: feferio
Music Uploaded by: musickman15
Music Link: https://web.roblox.com/library/2763628968/Joris-en-de-draak-muziek?Category=Audio&SortType=Relevance&SortAggregation=AllTime&SearchKeyword=Joris+en+de+draak&CreatorId=0&Page=1&Position=1&SearchId=398714e9-ebc6-409a-a33d-da0c4432d80b
Music ID: 2763628968

Map: https://web.roblox.com/library/5811494494/map-wip (well you can play it, but only for testers.)
Music: https://web.roblox.com/library/2763628968/Joris-en-de-draak-muziek?Category=Audio&SortType=Relevance&SortAggregation=AllTime&SearchKeyword=Joris+en+de+draak&CreatorId=0&Page=1&Position=1&SearchId=398714e9-ebc6-409a-a33d-da0c4432d80b

Starring (of Trailer says): Meralin’s Socery

Thumbnail & Icon


Thumbnail for OST



Thumbnail For OST:

(Game/Map) Icon
Joris En De Draak (Icon)

Description of Map
This map has actually inspired by Rainy Hillside by FedeDoesStuff and some of InocularGaming’s maps, well, this model is about the Flying Dutchman and Joris en de Draak who will spit fire. The Flying Dutchman is only about a ship but I will soon be making and scripting it, just like Rainbow Ride, a ship that goes forward every time but that is starting to get difficult. And then they have to wrap up with a ship that has to stop sailing, and then you have sort of a boss fight. It’s called Joris and the Dragon the boss fight. You have to press 3 buttons as soon as this dragon dies. In the meantime the buds of a Hitbox have become flowers, it may also be a “flower bud”. But this map is getting detailed. If this map is complete, and also if Crazyblox this map is trusted. Then you can play this map for the community.


:arrow_forward: Extra Details
:arrow_forward: Houses and Big Houses
:arrow_forward: Lighting Fixed
:arrow_forward: 75% Done (V1.5) (3 Rooms Finished)


Lighting are been done but the Sky is’nt inserted, it’s now an Parent of the Lighting Folder of Settings.

These are all fixed but not on the Lighting Folder at all.

Room Informations

Room 1:
This terrain is detailed because there are very models, meshes and blocks placed. But there are enough water (lava) that is on this landscape, there are many such shields that resemble Joris and the Dragon. But few fences have been placed, but they are always visible when you play this or look at the picture. But the story is about Joris and the Dragon, detailed terrains have been set up. But Jullakorn_Liam still placed that site. But not just boxes, fences and long boxes that are always placed there, there are plenty of things that have appeared.
But still there is a waterfall which is a mysterious mask statue that has an awful lot of water. But if you press the first button, the security door will open. And still you see a sign that is changed by “Flying Dutchman”. But it is actually a landscape that always becomes visible. But when you go to the next room, you see that not nearly most areas are being placed. But you can see that in the next room.

Room 2:
In the second room there is no waterfall, but there are many boxes in this room. But there is also the second button and if you did, it happens that the interactive will hide. But not the flower. The flower will stay put when you touch it. Actually, there is still a fence placed on a site, but shortcuts are no longer allowed when this map is updated. But at the top there are many spruce trees, many fences, many blue flowers and grass, boxes and many standing bridges. But not so many shrubs and electricity poles have been installed. Because this one has become a bit ugly.

Room 3
In the third room there are many sea plants, many corals and many stones, because these are natural landscapes. But not so many ships, sugar cane and sand have not been placed. But when you are in this room, you will see that an updated ship has been installed but not the old ship. Because it looks ugly. But the latest ship was created by Jullakorn_Liam. Because the ships that are underwater. Has been isolated by pirate ship. If you press the button (2), you have 5 seconds before the ship starts sailing, but that time will come a water that will rise on the wall and then the water will follow the ship. But once you pass this, you’ll see a boss fight. But that will come later.

75% Done (or 87.5% Done)

More Details coming soon…

Additional Information deployed by October 30, 2020.


Pictures / Videos of Map-
50% Finished Map
Fixed Pictures

67.5% Finished Map V1.25

75% Finished Map V1.5

Full Map (100% Finished)

In the last picture you can see that I am working on this.

Sides (Screenshots)

Top (V1) (This is the only, because I forgot to screenshot down.)

Top (V1.5)

Down (V1.5)

V2 Coming soon…

No Video’s Found, if this has finished


Special thanks to FallenAGK because he was showing the guidelines and tutorial over making terrains! :smiley:

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Do you like to record my map?

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Thank You Guys! :tada:

actually looks cool

I am impressed.

looks pretty neat, albeit i’d fix the lighting.

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epic map

the terrain is amazing

Ngl it looks amazing. The details are nice.

Good job, it looks nice and smooth.

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Then the ID will appears when I finished this map.

Dutch translation…

This is a bruh moment.
Because the The Medium Review of the gameplay rate is 6.
And here are 6 voters!?

What the hell!

how is it a bruh moment lol

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no that just means that most people would vote 6/10 for gameplay

nicely-made map, but why do you keep naming your maps like this? i find it to be weird

I have added extra terrains.
And the next room is complete.
50% Finished (The Whole Map)

V2, V3, V4 and V5 Coming Soon…

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I actually put the lights on Shadow Map, Voxel, Future and Combatility.

So then it gaves you can add the thumbnail before this map is finished.

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I just now fixed new details, lighting and more terrains.

Almost 3 rooms finished…


Woah, Liking the map so far.

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Lookin’ good so far. :slight_smile: :+1:

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wee cool

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Pretty cool map, except it looks like there is a bit too much going on.

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Try making the colours less dark but not bad

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