(3 Votes) Wraps And A Jump That Makes You Wanna Die

Old, trash map. Very short so you need 1 image, bully idc now. I might make the lava rise so you have to do everything max speed (:flushed:) and I may make the wraps 12 stud. how am i getting votes-

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It was gonna be an eternal punishment buff :ok_hand: :joy: but since I didn’t want to spend time on a map lol.

ok I won’t bully for old mapa.

still loook bad doe

Downvote :arrow_down:

Lol it deserves the downvote, I have another map I might post soon.

now make it 0.05 stud tightropes

11 studs is easy, i just cannot do 12 studs wrap around in FE2

oof lol

pretty sure i did lol

the creator of eternal punishment approves this


11 stud wrap eh??

Challenge Accepted

Even if you want to die it’s not like you have the choice

Why would you vote this lol

Maybe i buff to 12 studs :flushed: then it bigger challenge

Why would midlecs approve lol,

Ok now bully all you want idc

Joke obviously

  • 11 Stud Wraps [:white_check_mark:]
  • Jump That Makes Me Wanna Die [:white_check_mark:]

all checks out, voted

Yay this is getting forgotten