{33 Votes!} Underworld Laboratory 🌋

Map Name: Underworld Laboratory
Difficulty: Crazy
BGM: Yozy - Underworld Laboratory OST
Creator(s): The Underworld Devs
Part Count: 4,637
Buttons: 11


Description of Map:
You Are Trying To Escape From Eradicated: Future But Then… You Find A Alternative End And Then You Find A Red Laboratory In Collapse, You Need To Escape Until The Laboratory Floods In Everywhere!


  1. GabrielTVplayer
  2. DevIsNotHere
  3. Theo
  4. ExtremeMaster999
  5. Deyvidgamertest123
  6. WorantineWoran
  7. DullErrors
  8. Yozy
  9. adggamer12341
  10. Noobie
  11. Inocular
  12. Steeven293
  13. OfficerCodyBanks
  14. Noobest_User (Future Tester)



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Thanks, Please Feedbacks

bro we’re only 5% done with the map and you already have a forum post ;-;

It’s just done 1% why u post this

bro we havent done anything why did u post

is 22%
Cause we have ost

oh right

and map is like less than 1:35

and this got 5 votes in 1 minute

not bad, not bad at all

lol seven votes already (ik its most devs who voted but who cares), we’re gonna be famous😎

Did u invite me to the Team Create? And OfficerCodyBanks?

you make the ost and is very well so… i added you
but can you join in the underworld devs group

I really wanna help build, and OfficerCodyBanks is really good at making these types of maps!


I sent you a friend request


  • Update

New Details On Mini-Tower
Small Revamp On Corridor
Added Vent To Go For Button Madness (3 Room)

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damn that looks pretty good not gonna lie

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  • Update 3/27/21

Finished 3rd Room, Started Tower Development
Small Revamp On 2nd Room
Soundtrack Video Realized
Small Revamp On Custom Difficulty

Soundtrack Video: Underworld Laboratory OST // FE2 - YouTube
Thanks For 8 Votes

FE2 Players when the lab turns into a liquid

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