4/04/2021 update discussion

Literally FE2 CM is getting real annoying with these updates and i wonder why so many updates for FE2 CM than FE2

There goes 10 reasons why i don’t like it.
Sorry if i am being so upset, im just want argument my opinion there if more persons aren’t okay with this new update.

  1. New Alerts UI looks so blocky, and honestl it’s worse than old
  2. The menu is so TINY now, and it is really annoying
  3. Inf jump/air system gets patched due to external new/scripts update.
  4. New Anti Cheat is so bad honestly
  5. Loading menu sometimes gets stuck in the start for a bit
  6. Camera FX bug appears randomly times without a specific reason.
  7. Drowned SFX Sound is even more loud than water splash sfx
  8. Following camera when you die
  9. Load new IDs and can’t load number IDs
  10. External scripts patch by crazyblox

No seriously you literally joined the forums.

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i mean, he already had an account lol

  1. maybe
  2. agree only a bit
  3. yeah lol, but, tbh it’s good since they didnt even had to exist
  4. agree
  5. agree
  6. never happend to me
  7. agree
  8. idk
  9. agree
  10. i dont have a side

he was problematic months ago lo
he probably changed now

giant agree with 10
makes no sense

  1. can agree
  2. can agree
  3. no comment
  4. I don’t think so, it kind of works on all my other maps (except astronomia i didnt check)
  5. That’s just network issues.
  6. what cam fx bug LOL
  7. didnt check
  8. cannot agree
  9. Well sorry, but I do not agree with this. It’s for the better.
  10. i dont get it

I have developed brain damage from the new mobile shiftlock placement. Literally can’t play the game effectively with this shiftlock placement, it’s that bad

  1. Indeed it is. The gradients are no longer available. Rainbow text now isnt available aswell as the timer.
  2. The menu is tiny. And it only slightly bothers me.
  3. That should have been fixed by a long time ago.
  4. y e s
  5. Happened to me in my map Exo. It loads me for the first time but then the second time’s out and then so on.
  6. Didn’t happen to me yet.
  7. Agreed
  8. It doesn’t matter that much. It does it when you die so whats the point in that one.
  9. Really? Now i cant load normal ID’s? Thats stupid
  10. Wow now i can’t make a map unique. Crazyblox really doesnt want to give us fun. That’s rigged.

isn’t really crazy’s fault, most likely due to your internet


honestly so what? why you guys favouring numbers ID when

  1. number IDs are longer
  2. new IDs helps to prevent stealing maps

oh okay

I sorta agreed with you till I read your username :face_vomiting:

exactly why he hates the update :trol:


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I Cant See the Big Rabgit That Aired in 1941 , Worst FE2 Update Ever


me or yhoza

I would be less annoyed with the update if the menu goes back to normal especially the emote and aim lock buttons on mobile because now the buttons are right on top of the menu which makes it annoying to press. Other than that not much has changed apart from the anti cheat being upgraded.

Now I want 2018 back

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literally first time i played fe2 normal was in 2018 and it was so good, i want that times back, when dark sci facility was the most hard map in that year.
Now there are comming so many speedrun/challenge maps

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Also, the first one is really bad, because some custom text scripts broke due Crazy changed the Alerts frame.

But the 9, I don’t agree with you, because has exploiters which can get the ID and steal.