[40 VOTES] Forgotten Talisman

Status Whitelisted, Gaining Support, Released

Did you know: This is the 1st map of a new trilogy. The next map is Exoplanet (coming soon)

Description of Map
Forgotten Talisman is a map about a forgotten place called Talisman. You start on an island at Talisman, and you have to parkour across the 3 islands located on this map. Once you’ve pressed the button on the 3rd island, the water (which is lava) starts to fall and you have to make your way to the waterfall entrance.

You will then run into an old temple room, with moons and suns engraved on it. You will have to jump on the huge dragon and swim into the tunnel. From there, you will find 2 cave rooms before going up into another temple with the kind of the design of like Focus.

From there you will once again be in slightly small caves. You have to be quick to win this map. Any stopping (especially solo) and you will be dead. At the final room, you will be in a narrow tower trying as fast as you can to win.

ID = 6155226601
LCD Version: 6149013349

Pictures / Videos of Map

Extra Info
Version: 2.0
Parts: 4213
Music: Creo - Nautilus
Buttons: 12 (Don’t tell me that’s too much because I’m not trying to get the map into FE2)
Map also found on FE2 Wiki:

Easter Eggs: 5
Verified By: ???
Average Time To Complete: 1:45

holy crap this is Gold

no suggestion since iam bad but Have a vote

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absolutely amazing




Took alot of effort + It looks good
U earned a vote!

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I heard this maps name and could already tell it is going to be good.


my hypixel skyblock brain is weirded out by the talisman in the name

anyways, phenomenal map

+1 vote

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jesus christ is this your first map??
if it is, this is so amazing

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Maybe switch the tower colors from yellow and grey to something else and grey…?

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6155226601 is id in cause you want to play it

i forgot to put id 6155226601

i forgot to put id 6155226601 if u want to play

i forgot to put id 6155226601if you want to play and have fun

i forgot to put id 6155226601and thanks :slight_smile:

i forgot to put id 6155226601 if you do want to play Talisman

i forgot to put id 6155226601 and thanks for the vote

thanks, id is 6155226601 i forgot to put id

thanks id is 6155226601

PS you can just @ our names in one post.

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