(40 VOTES 🎉 + Small Update) Electric Heights

Wow, I still can’t believe that this map gained 30 votes in a little over a week. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting Electric Heights thus far! I appreciate it :grin: !

[Another] Small Update (March 23, 2020):

Just some small changes

  • New arrow design (you will see it mostly in the final room)
  • Certain areas/platforms are now a bit brighter
  • Redesigned floor in 2nd room
  • Platform in the final room now does not fall after the last button is pressed
  • Other small detail changes

Alright, I think it’s time for a new map.

Status: Ready to Play!

Map Info:

Map ID: 2481585248
Part Count: ~ 2860 parts
BGM: HOME - Hold
Completion Time Range: ~1:20 - 1:50

:musical_note: Full BGM:
A video of the full background music. Give it a listen if you want!

Map Description:

Electric Heights has been in the making for a couple of months now. I began working on this map sometime during the fall of 2019. However, development began to slow [waaaay] down due to time constraints. I did initially create two completely different starting room during the first 2 months, but ending up scraping them entirely for a new layout I thought of. I then set the map off to the side and didn’t touch it for a while. But after months of delay, I think the map is finally ready.

Advanced technology in space–the future is out there. From the submerged circuits to the looming towers on the horizon, electricity flows throughout the heart of this planet. Travel through the complex of this futuristic land to discover secrets of the future that space holds.

Pictures of the Map
Here are some sample pictures taken of the map (camera angles were a bit limited):

If you have any videos you want me to add, please reply with the link :slight_smile: !





Inocular Gaming:




Development Poll (Closed 2/3/20, Re-opened 2/22/20)

I decided to re-open the poll just for fun. I already made the decision to work on the legacy map after 25 votes, but you can still vote if you want to.

For those who missed it...

Now, for the next map, I have an important choice to make. I discovered that I still have one last legacy map in storage. However, it was discontinued halfway-through development. I could try rework the legacy map (meaning I would keep only a few parts and rebuild/continue to build the rest)…
OR, I could start on a new map idea. I do have multiple in mind that I could use, but right now, I need to make this decision. So, I was curious to see what others would choose.

Final results of the poll at 25 total votes (2/3/20):

76% — Remake and finish the discountinued legacy map?
24% — Start on a new map idea?

  • Remake and finish the discountinued legacy map?
  • Start on a new map idea?

0 voters

Thanks to everyone who participated. According to the poll, it looks like the majority would want me to remake/finish the discountinued legacy map. So, I guess I’ll get to work on it!

Just as a heads up, development will be much slower from here on out due to time. However, I still enjoy building, and I am motivated to continue to build new maps in the future!

Anyway, that’s about it! Enjoy!

Outstanding. How do you even create those?


I suddenly fall in love to this map. I love all of the whole details in this map even tho the lighting can be improved better because it’s a space map. But I love the whole map and I would like to see it finished, so people record it and recognize it.


Idk what you meant on the voting but it’s pretty cool I love it


Sweet map packs, this is the most superb, amazing map I have ever played! :open_mouth:
Electric Heights is such a fun gameplay! The map really surprised me with the designs and the details. They look amazing, and the assets are fantastic! The BGM really fits a lot in the gameplay and it’s super fun for beginners to play.

You made an amazing job, because you deserve a great +1 vote for your building skills. Keep up the improving, fantastic job! :+1: :grin:


this is amazing ok

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Yeah, the lighting was a bit tricky on this one. I wanted to have the details in the background contrast with a semi-dark map. The map was either too dark or too bright in certain parts.

Whoops, I also meant to say that a different legacy map in storage was discontinued. But I’m happy to see that people are enjoying this map :slight_smile: !


I dunno honestly lol; I guess maybe when I think of an idea, I just try to recreate what I imagined for one part of the map and experiment with other layouts/ideas for the rest of the map.

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This is too epic to see this map, votus for ya

This map is literally LIT! I love it! +vote! Btw, could i get permission to add it to my game when it will be opened?

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1+ vote! Outstanding map, though if you want this in the game, lower the part count.


dang i love this map, and the music. fits well with the map, as its calm imo.


That is amazing


What the

has a seizure because how AWSOME it is

Me after:




Just mindblowing. Awesome map. When i’ll get back home, i’ll put it in my space map compilation vid


now this is an avenger level beauty


This is like the best technological map I ever seen. Like, not every high-tech map has to be a Crazy, because sometimes even other difficulties might make it more fun. The BGM is just beautiful, and also saddening I almost cried :pensive:, but like the map is way too dark which made it confusing.
But how did I beat that then? Also a +1 vote!


also the bgm reminds me of battletown idk why