[5 votes!] 😃 comfy sofa [TANK]

I recently started getting into some basic modelling and out comes my first creation.
This one took a massive 5 minutes to make!
[on a more serious note, yes, this did take 5 minutes to make, but the end result looked pretty good and I decided it would make a nice tank].

Here’s the information.


This will be sold at a price, I am not sure what to set it at so I’ll leave it alone for now.


While you’re escaping a flood, sometimes you just don’t feel like yourself anymore, so a comfy sofa break will definitely cheer you up!
wait, it’s a bit too small…




On a dummy.

Leave feedback please!

practical uses include loose coins and/or gems in the cushions, and a nice seat to watch your friends press buttons for you

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it can be an emote so you place it down the sofa and sit in it when you move you pack it up and go.


did we can sit on it xd also I like it tho

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I could program it as an emote instead, which would be cool that you cloud plop down and just sit there, but I don’t know how to do it.

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revive because not enough feedback :frowning:

“this will be sold at a price”


imagine if was a real seat