50 [Easy] maps Compilation coming soon (50/50 MAPS DONE)

Map list:
1- Foggy Woodlands- 2500787488 [by: federoblox244] (DONE)
2- Grassy Acidic Pit- 3704280843 [by: iance_exe] (DONE)
3- Forgotten Planet- 2210189305 [by: Chaasey] (DONE)
4- Acetic Cascades- 2637507985 [by: FE2ist] (DONE)
5- Purple Sector- 1721527561 [by: HarshMCPE] (DONE)
6- Atlantis- 2390539120 [by: tony333444] (DONE)
7- Buried Sea- 2500169053 [by:tony333444] (DONE)
8- Blooming Flowers- 2226776449 [by: 4d9r] (DONE)
9- Ancient Jungle- 3415611934 [by: Theliur] (DONE)
10- Closing Hours- 1193768045 [by: ElectroBlast199] (DONE)
11- Cold Acid- 1304964398 [by: David20126] (DONE)
12- Candyland- 2233457577 [by: TimmieTRM] (DONE)
13- Beach Archipelago- 1031522605 [by: BFDIA_Fan] (DONE)
14- Moss Valley- 2205278007 [by: Jindijim] (DONE)
15- Disoriented Storage- 2988947846 [by: Mac_mintedDev] (DONE)
16- Dark Canyon- 2765807025 [by: Juegamartin1606] (DONE)
17- Dreamland Sanctuary- 2338201758 [by: WinterDAWolfie] (DONE)
18- Dense Swamp- 2618678998 [by: JiroTheWolfie] (DONE)
19- Palace Breakout Refix- 2392163837 [by: Occida & DeltaAmiee] (DONE)
20- Enchanted Avenue- 2215304448 [by: talalosomg] (DONE)
21- Emerald Village- 1509590750 [by: BoomBlox555] (DONE)
22- Floating Octagons- 1116494095 [by: ohmzatalibun] (DONE)
23- Farewell- 2218207504 [by: robloxpies] (DONE)
24- A Time To Remember- 3803443002 [by: CrystalTokyo] (DONE)
25- Forsaken Era- 1242502803 [by: ElectroBlast199] (DONE)
26- Flood City- 1986567567 [by: FE2ist] (DONE)
27- Forest Hillside- 2312741937 [by: DaniDay22] (DONE)
28- Friends- 2889964745 [by: damnepiccaleb] (DONE)
29- Arctic Park- 1662239439 [by: gentlebery14 & Traxex16] (DONE)
30- Indian Riverside- 2332212138 [by: BestForeverMine] (DONE)
31- Mayhem Overland- 1822502841 [by: Traxex16] (DONE)
32- Nature Walk- 2159694677 [by: MrGoo345] (DONE)
33- Outpost- 2477025141 [by: WhiteGXRoblox] (DONE)
34- Octagonia- 1410613633 [by: ohmzatalibun] (DONE)
35- Power Station- 1155475717 [by: Michael228p] (DONE)
36- Planet Bluenium- 2728446846 [by: P_Prismo/carefulscary/Youy] (DONE)
37- Power Station 3- 3646727726 [by: Michael228p] (DONE)
38- Grassland Cliffside- 3345232916 [by: Manny69046] (DONE)
39- Enchanted Woods- 2313822033 [by: Enzo7878Tran] (DONE)
40- Pyramid Of Elements- 2219655920 [by: talalosomg] (DONE)
41- Ruby Swamp- 2215301809 [by: talalosomg] (DONE)
42- Secluded Valley- 3764969666 [by: oimatefromscotland] (DONE)
43- Fairytale Forest- 3458172374 [by: carefulscary] (DONE)
44- Seaside Hill- 2664304046 [by: damnepiccaleb] (DONE)
45- Simplicity- 1546972278 [by: KayoLuvsMayo] (DONE)
46- Elevator Problems- 1294230296 [by: OriLePonytronic] (DONE)
47- Unknown Valley- 1709739600 [by: Traxex16] (DONE)
48- Walk In The Park- 2393490022 [by: FE2ist] (DONE)
49- Crowded City- 1688115740 [by: noomlek] (DONE)
50- Wonderful Land- 1879604222 [by: Purple_Guy121] (DONE)

I’m not only doing [Easy] maps, I’m doing EVERY. SINGLE. DIFFICULTY.
(IDs from FE2ist’s Map IDs and federoblox244’s FE2 MapTest IDS Discord server)
This was inspired by @RadioDashGames [Easy] map compilation video. Check it, it needs views, he worked really hard on it:

ok im pretty crazy right now

The video link of mine:

-Ping me the map id’s that doesnt work, changed or has major problems that makes it impossible to complete, I’ll change it into a new one.


excuse me but why no one noticed this post yet

Ok boomer. :coffee:


Ok, that’s a lot!

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im removing abyssal realm from the list, it keeps kicking me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Add my map called Ancient Jungle. Lol


probably will, if one of the ids doesnt work

yo I’m making an easy map too ;D

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wow my map is in it

I knew someone would “advertise” my vid. Lol.

Oh, and by the way:

This will kick you the SECOND you load it in.

“You were kicked from this game: lol”

This, if I remember is replaced by Dense Swamp.

This is now a normal even though it was an easy.


ok, i will find ids from your video to replace it and from others too

10/50 done

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its the same hax i used while making tropical, how did you find out e

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it’s an old id for Redlands + it doesn’t work anymore (i mean now it’s Shades [REVAMP]), so please, remove this

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i will, not now

owo thankowo
why is this more famous than amethyst

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amethyst is hella laggy for me (and maybe ppl with bad pc), thats why i guess xd

its got only 7k parts tho
can i literally just create a yt channel and swear at his vids bruh
i cant take anymore of this

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I submitted a post to mods for my new Easy map called Fairytale Forest
Now waiting for approval

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