7 Auras I Made For FE2

I made 7 auras. Here are their names:
Aura Names, not in order:

  • Galaxy Storm
  • Purpled Squares
  • Autumn Winds
  • Scattered Cubes
  • Galaxy Hexagons
  • Light Shards
  • Purple Bubbles

Here is a video of me presenting them all:

Here are some images:

hope crazy sees them

I tried my hardest to make them look good.

holy these look good


they look great but i dont think theyre fe2-worthy

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I personally like this one the most:

But these are also kind of fe2 worthy with the whole poisonous continuation of maps going on:

I think I like the square one tho, and the Light Shards aura is great too

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Thank you!!


These are fairly basic auras. Nice job!

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would look better if you made them scale down after a certain amount of time

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try making the square particles rotate

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These look amazing! I want a few of em in FE2.

Voted btw.

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