A Annihilated Academy bug

There’s a bug found on annihilated academy 2019
Can phonixmurderer remove that pls or they can beat easy

nothing to say

nothing here

I think the creator quit cause when I checked his acc he wasn’t online for almost a year

ik but it can be fixed

  1. you didn’t even say what was the bug
  2. we can’t do anything about it, the creator is no longer active and cannot update the map

Yeah, also using scripts which modify a specific map can works too.

i have no idea what you mean at all just saying
also creator is practically inactive

didn’t he came back tho?
he wasn’t online for a year probably because his account lost the password. Also recalled he’s making Annihilated Academy II

Idk about that
Also if he wants to make a sequel
A sequel will take 1 month minimum to build
And 9 months Max
It doesn’t take 11 months

the creator of AA joined a public fe2 server so he no ded.