A fun "challenge" to do for your maps

From a video of Jnakub20 (Pomdigra), the creator of City added pootis in his map as a joke and i though it would be fun if everyone did it.
So here how you guys proceed to do that challenge :

  • Make a copy of your map and put pootis inside it (yur free to put as many as you want and at any location, just don’t make the map impossible)
    (there also different types of pootis with different abilities, so you’ll have to adapt depending on the one yur gonna face)
    (here the pack : https://www.roblox.com/library/3607837973/pootis-pack)

  • After you finished your map, keep the name of the map but add "(Danger : Pootis detected) in the title

  • Then whitelist the map XD

And after that just share the ID of your maps here :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope everyone will have fun making this “challenge” so yeh have fun XD

(P.S : Roifire27 is not responsible for injuries/lag issues/crashes and infinite amount of pootis spawning in the maps)


lol okay


let me spam it all over the map so when you spawn you die


the letter r and n shares that much similarity woah


the pootis map would still keep adding pootis even if you deleted the pootis map, that’s what caused it to happened

maybe i should make a map designed for this ok