A hacker that says he's an admin

So I met this dude in-game name matt9662 (https://web.roblox.com/users/210674875/profile) or something like that. He said he was an admin, that he met Crazyblox and Crazy hired him (which I of course doubt). What’s even more suspicious is that he “added a hacker”. It was like, a bot or something? Well, whatever it was, its name was avnergog0 (https://web.roblox.com/users/2050985470/profile#!/about) and it had infinite jump. So while he never hacked himself, this bot (or potentially just someone pretending to be a bot) had infinite jump. Keep in mind they have each other friended, so the pretending to be a bot may be true. So just because, I posted here to warn about Avner and matt I guess.


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def not an admin
also offtopic but mind explaining the web roblox links

Crazy won’t ban them, just try to make anti cheat better.
And crazy isn’t active

I’m on my sister account, she has a vip and lets me use it so I have to unlock it and let my friend in then join on my actual account (don’t u dare ban again billie)

off-topic but matt9662’s avatar is c r i n g e

what do you mean by this

ew it is

billie banned me once cuz I sent a link from my sis acc