A Journey Begins

A Journey Begins :evergreen_tree:

Status: Finished, Scripts Broken, Gathering Support

oh yeah btw the door scripts and the slow pad script is broken.

Creators: TabszT
Difficulty: Normal
Buttons: 6
Map ID: 4498579007

Name: Beginning of the Journey
Difficulty: Easy
Buttons: 6
Map ID: 4498579007


oh wow

plz no

I suggest you to add a little bit more details, since right now it looks REAALLYYY empty. Especially in the cave room.
But nice idea for a map afterall!
Here are some detail suggestions:

  • Crystals, some pickaxes in the cave room
  • Grass, bushes, more trees in the outside room (and remove that laser pls. what’s the point of that
    laser lmao)

How do I make a crystal? Also, I removed the laser.

uh it’s a little bit complicated to explain
will do it tomorrow since i’m lazy heh

First off
wrong difficulty lol, you set it to medium in the forums
Secondly, try to add details like what careful suggested
Search up it if you want help for making a a crystal lol
Try adding more terrain in the rooms, like lower terrain edges/platforms
I have no idea what is the 2nd last pic so uh

i got it. i made a crystal i just gotta update the map.