A map maker's thoughts on the fe2 community

i am starting to increasingly dislike the fe2 community. no, this is not gonna be another one of those 200 posts saying “fe2 community bad i leave”, i want to actually address this problem. so, here’s the problems i have with the current state of this community.

my 1st problem: people who constantly talk about the fe2 community being terrible. it’s impossible to have a fun conversation when there’s always someone complaining. i do realize i did this in the past, and have stopped doing it. it’s not really much of a problem, but it is an annoyance.

now on to some more serious problems i have with this community. my second problem is that map makers or anyone deemed popular don’t get treated as humans. this community constantly tries to criticise you or harrass you if you made a popular map, and it’s impossible to actually have a conversation in the server. this includes constructive criticism too. if you have criticism, just tell me in dms, don’t scream it to me while i’m trying to have a conversation. it’s even less fun when people you consider friends (all coming from the fe2 community) tell you that your map is good, then completely trash it behind your back. won’t say who it is, i’d rather prevent drama. if you have criticism, just say it to me directly because you know, i can actually fix things???

anyways, that moves me on to my 3rd problem. people try way too hard to criticise/hate popular maps. it’s not fun at all to make maps for this community anymore, because either people won’t like it and it would just be a waste of time to make it or it’d get popular for some days and people hate it because it’s too popular. (that’s another reason i’ve cancelled dystopian world.) the only reasons i made maps was because it was for me to see the result of hard work, and it was fun to see other people enjoying the work. you can remove that second reason now, as nobody in the fe2 community has the ability to appreciate a map anymore.

here’s some words used to criticise fe2 maps that i absolutely despise:

  • blocky
    why do people even use this? instead of telling them it’s “blocky”, why don’t you just tell them “add some wedges here” or “maybe use this material”?
  • insert spam
    texture spam, neon spam, these terms help literally nobody. i’ve even heard people say metal spam and part spam. instead of saying this, why not say “hey maybe try reducing the amount of textures here and add insert any type of detail?”
  • overrated
    i despise this word. the world would honestly be better off without it. saying a map is overrated is basically like saying “i hate that this map is popular and i dont have any other excuse for hating it”. is your map not popular? congratulations! you have made a map that will fade over time. is your map popular? congratulations! people will now call it overrated and will hate you for spending time on making something for the community to enjoy.

i am not saying criticism is bad. i’m saying non-constructive criticism is. i do think buff maps and maps created just to be popular should be criticised, but maps where actual effort was spent in and made just for the community to enjoy such as electrical malfunction, dystopia, undersci, tria: resurgo, tria, technological destruction, shutdown, do not deserve non-constructive criticism. it’s not just insignificant people doing this either, well respected members of the community that i’ll keep anonymous are guilty of this too. myself in the past included.

TL;DR (only explains about 25% of this post):
i think the fe2 community is becoming worse due to it’s inability to have constructive criticism, and because of trashtalking.


this doesn’t mean i’ll leave the fe2 community btw, i’ll continue to make maps.


o well ( i feel your pain )


omg what you said is so relatable.
i understand you bro


actually when i was a noob at building maps, i dreamed about making a map with you.
ik it’s off themed but still
we all make mistakes, and that’s fine.

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my first map was a free model and not even the good ones

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:+1: :+1: i agree with that
fe2 community is like a man who’s cool but always messing up and doing some cringe stuff


i’ve experience so many people saying my map blocky forget about it

lol i’m a boomer because i watched enszo before when he became a fe2 map creator and a part of fe2 community xdd

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i wishis ci

replace fe2 community with “any community that is mainly comprised by edgy teenagers” and you have successfully described every single community of every single popular game that isn’t super mario world

people think they’re so cool and contrarian for thinking these things
it’s exactly like those 14 year old white girls who think they’re not like other girls because they listen to billie eilish

the fe2 community is becoming worse because people think the community is going to be better once they start complaining about everything because it’s “cool,” when in reality this community would be so much better if everyone would stop and act like normal human beings


“This post isn’t good enough. Needs details.”


This post isn’t good enough. Needs details.


Everyone should be kinder here, I went on the dev forum and found a guy who made dozens of simulator pets and gave them out for free, and people were actually willing to give robux to the guy for his hard work

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Sometimes I do prefer DevForum over this.

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yeah same,

but being mean to people is cool and contrarian and stuff!!!
jump in hole!!!

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example for u enszo

i agree with what you’re saying, but i feel like this needs to be said lol
it’s not exactly great to have spent weeks of effort in a map only to have it called “overrated” and then die in 1 week


what about some people like this?

totally this is an example of someone who tries to act cool by insulting someone else