A new flood escape 2 plugin

Im thinking of making a plugin for flood escape 2 that will control the name dificulty and some other stuff but it can only occur when you have a making kit and to do it you must go to a website and once they done they will just need to build the map after that go back to website and click finish so it will be transfered to FE2 map test

is that even possible?


(Even tho this must be descriptive as possible as I literally don’t understand this)

Also making plugins is not easy. So I recommend being a scripter ok.

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what are you talking about lol

ShadokuSan has already made a plugin: https://web.roblox.com/library/3880312356/FE2-Map-Maker-Companion


i wanna install this , but what’s this for?
i wanna know

I acutaly thought you had one but you had none :pensive: