A new map!

This map is called Amenity Annihilation. it has 58 parts and is a Crazy mode. Here is a sneak peak :

Spawn. You go through that crack in the wall.

Back of first room.

Front of first room.

First button. You get by swimming down. The water lowers and then to get back up, you do jump-wall-jump parkour.

I also had another post dedicated to this map, but it wasn’t given much attention.

4 pictures and 58 parts…
boi thats underdetailed


i just started

what else do you expect

im also bad builder

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this is also a remake of lab escape

but i removed pics

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the edges are flat, so they don’t give a hole in the floor vibe. it’s probably just not detailed yet, so keep up the great work!
does “a hole in the floor vibe” make any sense


First room is detailed in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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It’s because 3 of the 4 pictures are all part of one room :roll_eyes:

And that’s because I need to show everything important so that I can go somewhere else, imo :confused:

How much wedges you use in this map? lol

fifty-eight parts is quite little i gotta say

even tho my maps barely hit 1k its hard to get more than 200 parts in a map

You mean what by that? Just wondering. :thinking:

i think he means quite little amount of parts

At least its better work in the detail than some of my other maps. :neutral_face:

Sure, it still sucks, but its better, right? :grinning:

Update 1.1


Part count is now 78.
Expanded map.
Added ForceField to useless holes to keep people from falling in.


Update 1.2

  • Expanded second room
  • Begun tower climb
  • Part count is now 109


i gotta be honest with you.

red secrets looks better

“red escape” sucks

this is better

now don’t start drama

Update 1.3

  • Part count is now 123
  • Begun building tower climb
  • Finished tunnel

It needs lighting ._.

I have no intention to offend you.

it looks bright enough to me .-.

Try to put a roof and put a point lighting. ._.

If the map is not outdoors.