A random idea for a huge project

ok so basically i take most of the tracks in the mario kart series and make them into flood escape maps with some exceptions

  1. all circuit / stadium tracks are banned because of copy and paste, same goes for bowser castle and rainbow road but they are different exceptions

  2. other tracks i’m not doing: mushroom bridge / city / ridge, toad’s turnpike, mute city / big blue, animal crossing, hyrule circuit, sunshine airport / super bell subway, ribbon road, baby park, excitebike arena, music park, piranha plant slide, electrodrome, waluigi pinball (sorry guys), luigi’s mansion, coconut mall, and wario collosseum

  3. Bowser’s Castle & Rainbow Road have multiple iterations from each game in the series and i don’t want to do seperate maps for all versions so instead i’ll mix up 3 different iterations for both (Bowser Castle: Wii U, DS, Wii) (Rainbow Road: GCN, Wii U, N64)

  4. Dry, Dry Desert (Made By @FedeDoesStuff ) and Moonview Highway have already been created so i’m not doing them twice

Sign Ups for Joining my epic collab for no reason are open so to join just send me a friend request (my username is KaylaAndKyleYT)

btw after the final map is made i will make a full mashup of every map into levels including the ones i didn’t make because it’s gonna be the ultimate mario kart medley and also the audio will need to be split into 3.5 parts because roblox audio lasts 7 minutes max and the actual song is 27 minutes long so yea

thanks for reading this post about my really dumb project idea i guess lol

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i bet it’s gonna take a while for somebody to find this ok

actually sounds cool

this actually isnt a bad idea

ok if any of you are interested that’s cool