A Small Tip about SelectionBoxes

Uhhh hey! Here’s a small tip about SelectionBoxes. Just wanted to make this because why not?

Don’t keep them the default size. I see some people do this and it really looks weird and kinda ugly tbh.

0.15 is the default size:

As you can see it’s very big, especially on small boxes. Instead of the default size, use something like 0.035 or 0.045:

It’s more clean and neat. It doesn’t look obnoxious either.

I highly recommend doing this instead of the default size. Hope this helped at least one person. Maybe two?


Jailhouse revamp I see xddd

more tips
just choose any thickness you like, but recommend thin
you can use it on models, the selection box will select the whole model if it is a children of it


Small but pretty helpful tip. Might use this when building a map.

Another tip: Don’t use to many Selection Boxes. Maybe only about 20 at most. It can get really laggy for lower-end devices especially if they are surrounded in a small room together. Some examples of laggy maps are Nitro Fun givemenamepls won’t get mad cuz his forum account is suspended and Blue Moon.

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