A topic that shouldn't EXIST

When you get so close to completeing a map you’ve never survived but you failed moments );

When your playing sinking in chaos and your so close:

why c4nt I d0 1t

did you mean chaos

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also reeee nobo hasnt completed sinking shipo hahaha nob
the upper line was a joke

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Yee ty idk why I spell it dat way

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if you like it you can speak like that just asking ツ


do you mean kayo

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i’ll just edit it for the sake of spelling

this was a joke ok

Wh4ts 4 j0k3???


this is one

0k4y th3n

IDK why I even created this topic ._.

blu mon last late jumpo get me evrytiem i cri so hard can we get an F


bro that happened to me 3 times.

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when you get to the end zone but apperently lava still kills you
it just said u survived

i havent played blue moon though so i gotta act like i understand

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