Abandoned Factory (WIP), my first map

So… I created a map and here is the link https://www.roblox.com/library/5274512649/WIP-Abadoned-Factory
Here is some pics

It is Insane, and… tbh I have no idea what to say, hope you like it

for a first map, I would say it decent.
Most original name btw

Lol I might change the name now that i have seen so many submissions named “Abandoned Factory” also keep in mind it is in progress

I’ve seen this same model like 3 months ago

the 1st pic reminds me of grassy acid fields or whatever that was, tho please change the colour of the acid/lava (whatever that is) and use something less vibrant

I used pictures from online then used them for ideas for the map layout so you might have seen something similar

looks ok

wrong category btw

Map Creations Questions

I’d suggest change it to the topic’s difficulty to make it think this is a insane

It is a insane tho… xd