Abandoned Lava Mines - 2018 POST

Status: Finished

Description of Map
no story pls
this map was based on Lava Mines
so oof here’s the map images


[i broke]
Pictures of Map-



EDIT: I also exceeded max time without lava even rising. :poop:


this map is the hardest map I have ever seen …

Lol just 4 messages? This map is hardest map on testing for now.Uh oh.Platofrms are really annoying :frowning:

No, hyperspace, core, techno reactor, DARK SCI FACILITY, AFTER abandoned lava mines & raging depths are waaaay harder because i saw the vids on yt lol.

techno reactor and dark sci facility are 100% easier than this ok

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map making kit still harder

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How about Terminal, Dark Sci Desert & Underuins are harder 100%.

abandoned lava mines is still harder than wat u mentioned above

What? You don’t think unbiased or you have some problems about comparison.Because this is actually one of the hardest maps in FE2 Map Test.Can race with Hyperspace but other maps you regarded are have no chance to get ahead of.Core already isn’t made to be hardest.Dark Sci-Facility is nothing near Abandoned Lava Mines and Hyperspace.After Abandoned Lava Mines are ok,it is hard too,especially new version.Raging Depths are updated and much much easier.But outdated version of it still can’t pass both Hyperspace or Abandoned Lava Mines.Terminal is a little harder than Dark Sci-Facility so no way to be harder than Abandoned Lava Mines.I felt very surprised when you said Dark Sci Desert is harder than Abandoned Lava Mines.Nothing to say about that map.Underuins are impossible again to pass them if there is no new update.

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D0 U H4T3 Dark Sc1?

no just u do not understand how hard this is

There is no sentences or parts you can infer I hate Dark Sci-Facility.

ok ik a reeeaaaallllyyyy hard map: the lost temple of floodea and ruined facility D:<

After beating the lost temple of floodaea, I feel that it pales in difficulty compared to abandoned lava mines.

As of now I will be trying ruined facility to see if it matches or is harder than said map.

Ruined facility 2 hard dood, I can press like three buttons ecks deeeee.

Grim Reality: Ruined Facility is not the hardest map,it’s the most glitchy map.

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ruined facility uses a cheap way to make the map “hard”, aka thin platforms

Yea,I already didn’t say it’s not hard; I said it’s not hardest map (I know that you know that I didn’t say it isn’t hard.Sentence was a bit complicated right?).

This map has a update a new update music:Thunderzone v2:sunglasses: