Abandoned Mine

Status: ABANDONED trying to make some better maps instead

Description of Map
An abandoned mining facility that is now flooding due to an earthquake

Pictures of Map-

**Link to Model

i got to say, it doesnt really look like a mine to me .-.

Doesn’t that mean it’s the finish product? I feel that the walls look to plain and dull in my opinion, put it back into WIP and add some rock texture into it and I’ll probably support it.

I feel like you should do something about the corners of your map, and try to fill any empty spots with props ( not to derive it from its original gameplay ).

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wow… this was one of the 1st map creations post!


Add some textures

  • This is not a mine
  • Wedges!

Ok sorry carefulscary

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Why did you revie this thoooooooo

idk I saw it while searching for another map

Yeah but why did he just make this one map and just leave fe2 completely

If I were on low detail mode, it would look exactly like a layout.

Omg I copied abandoned mine