Abnormal Winter Tank

Disclaimer: This is part of a series. The first in this series is Spring Hills Tank. Check it out!

Tank Stats
  • All Instances (UnionOperations, MeshParts, Parts): 17
  • Part Count: 5
  • UnionOperations and MeshParts: 12
  • Creator: Visual_VDvanox
  • Price: 10 Gems


No Humanoid:


Nothing to really say…

It’s once again like the ‘Oof Tank’

My opinion on this is fair. It’s not really that bad but like it’s not gonna get in due to the absurd mesh count. I am called mesh abuser for a reason.

There might be another version of this tank coming soon! Give me some suggestions lmao

Yes I know the tree is really tall lol (I rushed this tank but maybe I can improve with the help of you guys!)

oh noes you see scrapped magnetar tank



Eh it’s really bulky, and there are already plenty of these tank submissions.

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Epic terrain

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The tank looks quite big, resize it to small.

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This post was 3 days ago.

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Nobody cares.

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Hey loser, why don’t you stop being such a jerk to other people?

And funny enough, I actually don’t even know where the file for this tank is so it’s probably gonna get discontinued due to how I can’t work on it any longer.

Gonna make another tank soon if I get inspiration. Like I said I can’t remake this because I lost the file for it so I won’t take any more suggestions for this or my other tank. If I were to make a new one though, it would primarily be only meshes.