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So I’ve seen alot of backlash from my game that I’ve been working on, so I’ll get this out of the way first, most of the code has been rewritten & things that weren’t present have been added. Let’s begin with:


The Intro when first joining the game was a recreation & not with the sourcecode. Another thing to note is the distinct HUD Features & layout; psst which is also changed up.


If you couldn’t tell it’s got Abilities. Pressing a key on your keyboard activates these perks. So I’m still really confused how it’s a “copy” if it is doing so many different things? Various maps support these abilities, giving you an edge if you are using a particular one. :thinking:


All of the maps featured in the game have permissions to be used. An example is for Exotic Factory. @DerpyDervee reached out to me about the map being in the game. He said “It is alright, but you might get people complaining about it being in the game.” Most of the maps are my creations too, or maps sent to me that I fixed & updated to the latest scripting.


As I said there is perks but what about new WaterStates? Well I recreated PH water, as seen in Tide Outbreak. Functions completely alike. Other things are currently being worked on, & more will be on the way.


I will say there are some lingering assets in the game, like the shop UI & then some. I’m currently working on changing these up, like how I have with most of the game. Please I implore all the people who’ve disliked or just think it’s a “copy” to rethink their assumptions. I know it’s right to call out games if they directly copying Crazyblox, but open your eyes to the new things that the game has brought with it; and the changes that will follow in the future. Thanks for reading this, I’m open for discussion & critism below; lemmie know what you think


i never knew that people were backlashing the game :eyes:

Uh most of the stuff we talked here about Flood Escape Beyond was like 15 days ago lol. Rare that a fangame creator responded.


what is a flood escape beyond

though the game has potential if it isnt for the stolen maps (breakdown, oil rigged, etc). if it didnt have any stolen maps in it, i’ll sure support this game.

tl;dr: just don’t steal maps. it makes you look horribly bad in the forums.

edit: or maps sent to me that I fixed & updated to the latest scripting.
this doesn’t mean you have perm from them just saying lol

edit, added this to this whole reply instead of 3 separate ones

also the maps by you are pretty cool, you could even make something like deluge 2 where there’s no stolen maps and all original maps only for that game

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My dude these maps were sent to me. I didn’t know Zlurm was the original creator of Breakdown. These maps are free to use in the Toolbox. However, some of the maps are sent to me by people who want their maps in the game. I’m going to remove Breakdown due to copyright reasons; due to the person sending it to me being a fraud (basically saying they made the map) & since I didn’t have the original Author’s Permissions.

For the last comment below, I’m going to make 90% of the maps in the game created by me. Having a few community ones sprinkled in there. Most Flood Escape type games, only use community maps & call it a day. I’m taking the initiative to make most of the maps mine.

EDIT: I got perms just now from Zlurm to use the map, as it is a FM. In the future most of these maps will be removed & replaced my creations; while some still linger.


Hey that’s cool. May actually check the game out when I could. At this point you’re one of the only FE2 fan-game creators which actually accepts criticism


In my opinion Fe2/Fe fan games are pretty cool.
I’m sure Crazyblox is ok with fan games. (As long as they don’t use fe2 scripts)

He is…unless you use those assets and make robux off of it


@RadioDashGames However these assets are recoded and are mine. Such as the issues that followed when I revamped the code, like Tanks being broken etc.

explain what

why is there inverted world

Temporary placeholder map lmao.

How did this appear on my homepage?

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