About the FE2 Item Submissions category

Use this Category to show off items or ideas that you have created and would like to be added into the main FE2 game!

How you should present your unique created items:
Show pictures of your work! Please use animated images/videos for showing Auras and Emotes, while showing multiple angles on all items.

Do not include scripts with your items for extra functionality; Flood Escape 2 functions in a very specific way and adding scripts could mess with even the most simple stuff such as changing character appearance to handling aura visibility or ghosting players.

Do not refer to actual usernames/profiles/people when creating a Skin. While inspiration can be taken from these areas, it shouldn’t happen as I am looking to discontinue skins resembling other users due to it landing in a sort of grey area.

Do not create items that reference other Intellectual Property! This is extremely important for if you want to have a chance at having your item included in the game.

DO NOT SHARE YOUR ITEM FILES WITH OTHER PEOPLE ONLINE. To protect others from stealing your work you should not share the files used to make the items (Unless you want to, I’m not your boss).

How does my item get accepted into FE2?
Submissions are not required, all that is required is that you post in this category with the item you have made and our team will passively look through. This is a strictly manual process by myself and select members. What will be looked for is originality and detail, and if people who play FE2 would be interested in owning that item in game. If your item gets accepted I will reach out to you via these forums and only then would I ask for you to share the files through DM. Once items have been received after accepting, payments will range from 5k-7.5k Robux depending on multiple factors. Payments will be made through the Crazyblox Games group on roblox so you will need to have joined that before payment can commence.

Should you wish to have your item submitted for the chance to be accepted into FE2 they must follow the following formats:
With emotes please use the animation file itself used in roblox’s animation editor rather than uploading the animation and using the ID. The emote needs to have been created with an R6 rig otherwise it will NOT be accepted.

DO NOT SHARE YOUR ITEM FILES. Unless willing to risk your work getting stolen only share it with people you absolutely trust and myself if I show interest in including your items in FE2.

Buddies are currently not being accepted. Once there are no more to-dos in making this program work I will look at revising this. Please do not create buddies in anticipation for this being made available as I cannot promise if this will actually happen.


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