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Okay kappa

-Sincerely, Pelgar

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Hi crazy. In your mapmaking tutorial, you said to make sure there are no air pockets. But in flood island, players can stand next to the exit using the head spin emote for as long as they want. thx

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jacys, he may have had that so people could find it or use it to delay on purpose.

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@Crazyblox there is also an air pocket in cave system at the entry of the second room.

Hi, i wan’t to add my map too fe2 testing, please.

Then send the map link to:

@Crazyblox will forgotten tombs come back? or is it forgotten.

but oh well, it does, this reply is useless now.

It will

And ok den




1st post that we can access :crab:

My favorite map is obviously Familiar Ruins. It feels like really nostalgic looking at it in FE2.

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(This post is made in May 2017 and crazy don’t even go on his forum account anymore)