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Ok thanks

Kk then

“2 years later”

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You banned me for false spamming. I did not spam, those were jokes


Well no one clicks on this lel

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i clicked on this

Stop lying

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Oh boy.

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No. You’re lying. Those revive posts were jokes

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If you were 20 you’d know to use you’re instead of your


Are we really gonna talk about it in this post? I mean seriously why here?

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Thats a quick way to say You’re

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No it isn’t.

Your = an item or thing that belongs to somebody
You’re = You are

If you were 20 you would know that.

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Wow we are about to start drama in a mod’s topic hahahaha.

You can’t start drama in a mod’s topic

Watch he’s gonna mass flag these posts like he always does :joy:

Then stop lying in a mod’s topic.

I wasnt.