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why does this exist? :thinking:


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how do i make lava spin

How do I make a map?

make a map but save it as a model.

in short, use the map kit to make a design like me: try this 1516100250
then group it all together and then publish it to roblox

i will send vid

the vid will be sent in dms

Same as Map Creations Questions category.This category is so unnecessary and irrelevant.

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How do I make a map?

Hey! Any tips of how to get a good soundtrack fitting a map?

Just don’t uses Waterflame’s musics, it is overused…

how do you unanchor every peice in Dark Sci-Facility?

Eventscript String whatever it never works for me D:

Is it okay if I submit unfinished maps? :thinking:

yes, but it has to be a map that we can see, well, not too badly (about 10% finished will do well)

Thank you so much! I really want to test a map I’m working on to make sure it’s good. :slight_smile:

hehe Ima revive

unless if you run out of options you could use waterflame

Bruh =V

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How can I solve this? My script doesn’t work.