About the new Shutdown's Soundtrack

Hi dear fans, i made this topic to talk a bit about the reactions of the community about the release of the new Shutdown OST a few days ago. If you didn’t listened to the new map’s theme yet, I highly recommend you to play the video before continuing to read the rest of this topic.

By seeing all the commentaries and the feedbacks of it, I’ve saw that most of the people disagree about the quality of the brand new music introduced into the map. Most of you said that the music was less chaotic and agitated compared to the old music, that the music wasn’t having the same feeling as the old one and that there was a lack of work in it.

So first, I want to say sorry to all of the people that got disapointed about the final version of the music. However, keep in mind all the facts showed right below this text for the judgement of the soundtrack.

  • I don’t accept any blank critisims because they contain no valid and specific arguments at all.

  • More than 80% of my fans accepted the introduction of the brand new original OST from this link. Poll

  • It’s also important to understand that the new OST make the level way much more original and unique than it was before. Compared to the old soundtrack which was copyrighted (it’s like stealing a music from someone without having his/her permissions to be honest).

  • For all the people that said that the music is a lack of work, let me tell you that the composer of this music sacrified hundred of hours of work to make this music the best as he can. He even take time to make the music instead of taking precious time with his family. So please, all I want is atleast some respect about the work of thundershocker1. If you still disagree with this argument, then you are not welcome to this community.

Anyway, I just want to let you know everyone about all those important facts when judging someone’s work because as must of us know, this community is severely toxic these days about any new major changements in this community. So again, im sorry if I disapointed you about the final result of the new OST and please but please, always respect someone that did an hard work.

Thundershocker1 might work back on the OST to improve it’s actual state in the next weeks but i canno’t confirm it.

Optionnal poll
Did you honestly enjoyed the new theme of Shutdown?

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Thanks to all of you that read this topic.
Sincerely, tony333444 AKA Trilix



Honestly didn’t like it

the song is great! ITs perfect fits with theme of map!


I didn’t really like the OST mainly because kinda it was meh at some parts. The beginning was amazing and so was the end. The middle was just back and forth from hate to love for me. I like it when maps have custom OSTs since like you said, it makes the map more original. I respect the creator of the OST and anyone else who actually likes it. For me, it’s not really the best but it’s still fairly decent. I don’t think thundershocker should actually remake the OST as he worked fairly hard on it.


The OST is overall nice
Just like some people said, needs to be slightly more chaotic
Even know milky ways imo isn’t that chaotic, you guys can add like more instruments or Beats in it (intro was rlly nice lol)


I like it way more than the old soundtrack

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Unfortunately the Auxy has some limitations since it’s hard to EQ a lot of instruments and even then the music gets really muddy. I’m planning on getting new software so I can do much more than what I used to.


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Both versions with the Shutdown theme are really great, and for the new OST of Shutdown, it really fits the gameplay to hear the sound of the music, and I like it!
It sounds really excellent, and is fast-paced.

thundershocker1 deserves a really good job. His skills are amazing, and he deserves respect from his OST. :+1:


“lack of work”
whoever said this doesnt even have a clue on how hard it is to compose music before
im not saying i did compose anything, i never did but i spose its hard
like tonys right, the person he commissioned (am i right?) had spent a lot of time into making something that hopefully can impress people. he tried his best. if you dont like it, you dont have to. but like respect that he sacrificed his time for doing a nice thing for another person and dont just go with such a flawed opinion like “lack of work”


Wow. This is just so good. Really fits the map, and even tho its not very hype, its also intense.
Plus I am getting dimrain47 vibes lol


Heres my opinion:

I find the music weird at the start with the banging…doesn’t exactly fit with the theme of the map.

The parts are not synced as well and it seems to just be random IMO.

Yes, it’s extreme and panicking, but not enough

The ending was nice for the last room and i love how it ends right before you win.


Hey everyone. I’ve come to announce that I will be working on the Shutdown theme for a bit in order to improve upon what I did wrong. I will try and do a video of the new and improved shutdown theme once I have it ready.


discovered this update

listening this OST for 3 hours non-stop.

See this as a: it’s amazing.


I still don’t understand why people don’t like the new OST (I like the new ost)

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i love the new ost! it fit more with the theme in my opinion, which was a facility filling up with lava with explosions left and right and everything burning to ashes. the old ost generated hype but this new ost fit more with theme of a collapsing facility so i really enjoyed it


Honestly, it reminds me of Bowser’s Castle…


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