Above The Ruins(In Revamp Process ATM)

Status: Gathering Support,Whitelisted,In Community Maps,In Development,Crazy, Revamp In Development
Map by ultrasonic19999
Is possible
ID - vkc5851(numbered id 4628820031)
Description of Map
(Old Version)
A few minutes after,Beneath the Ruins, you’re back in the FE1 lobby. After getting leaded back in between beneath and above, it changed shape due to the original Flood Escape Corrupting due to the LAVA(burning code), which has went down for the same reason, CORRUPTION
(New Version)after eventually busting out of that room in beneath after 15 minutes,you realise your back in FE1… suddenly the wall closes behind you,but everything looks different,rumbling happened,evacuation systems broken,looks like we have to go up to get out of this incident…
Pictures / Videos of Map-
(Current Thumbnail - Old Version)

Development Screenshots - Revamp
-original map box-

-first version of new lobby-

if im being honest I have no idea how this can improve and its not in a good way


i can see many flaws here

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SHEEESH, I don’t really think that you can do anything to fix this/make it better. You may need to completely remake the map and look at other maps for inspiration, just to make it look better!


Man Familiar Ruins from above looks cool

Is rigged :l

I suggest not using neon if that even helps.

what is this

it was made on 1 stud?
Model> Snap to grid> replace 75 with any number> replace 1 with 0.

uhhhhhhh this map uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

is interesting to say the least

hell no
never use 0 studs for building

lol i use only 0.2 0.5 0 and sometimes 1

don’t use 0 studs

honestly can’t even see what’s in the picture so uh

  • please post more pictures
  • better angles
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i use 0.05, 1, 0.2 and 0.5

ok dis the funniest map ever omg I can collapse to the floor right now if i had this I can’t breathe someone call the ing police or cops right now I’m almost at my limit right now I am so funy hahahahahahahahahahha



this map has a skill issue

a big one

this isn’t a joke map btw

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did you actually vote.
im pretty sure you didnt