Abyssal Realm [Revamped]

[This ID Includes Spatial Terminal, the maps prequel! You can find the Spatial Terminal post below.]

Status: Finished
Creators: givemenamepls + damnepiccaleb
Description: After crash-landing on a mysterious planet you must escape from the impact of an incoming meteor.
ID: 4151207730



(by federoblox244)

looks nice
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Eternal Sorrow reference?

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time to improve my thumbnail

from the pictures it looks pretty meh,

not really much material changes, just the same - neon, slate and diamond plate,

maybe playing it looks better

i kinda wonder what happened that he changed
(probably even more depressed i think, thats just my guess)

okay so the map looks pretty great but some things you should keep in mind:

  • try using different materials for details other than just white neon
  • try using unique details for the outside, the boxes are pretty spammed which makes it pretty repetitive
  • the ost is pretty unique, but really repetitive and boring. i get that the map is supposed to be empty or calming, but some different notes here and there would sound better.

that’s all criticism i have for today.

Okay so Ik the “Arctic Base core” that you made is inspired but it seems too similar to arctic base. The pipes are really weird and I see the railings up top as well. just remove the top part of it and it will look somewhat better since im not really a huge fan of that

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Also if you are gonna make something similar to something else in a game, at least make it a bit different and add a little bit more to it so it doesn’t seem like you stole it.

im later gonna tell my thoughts in dms because if i say something controversial everyones gonna hate me lol!!1!

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there isn’t a need to talk about the creators personally, talk about the map, it’s honestly really dumb that people don’t know that this is the forums, public forums, settle em outside of this, and i’m not doing this just because i’m close friends with give but i genuinely feel that it’s not right to talk about them here.

it’s rude to talk about someone who’s listening.


cool map, it’s an easy map, i don’t have much to say about it, it’s just a nice easy map, i suppose.

how to make that space ship

Looks empty

tbh seeing videos on the revamp, the gaemplay looks broing ngl. it feels like a lot of walking, so maybe you can add more jumps of some kind?


h o t

I do agree with this however it’s not exactly easy to achieve, the map is entirely grey-scale (except for the red at the end for some reason)

That’s a good idea, will forward it to name

never changing this costs too much robux to upload it :joy:

Once again will forward to name.

ask name idek lol

that’s kinda the idea, it’s been given the title abyssal for a reason.

Name and I did discuss this, we’re unsure on how to accomplish this as of now. We are looking to make this change however.


i think try out some materials that usually are very underused, i havent really seen any pebble/brick/forcefield in the map, maybe try those? the best advice i have for this is just trying out materials that you usually don’t choose for anything.

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nice revamp i luaike it

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now contains traces of spatial terminal

can’t add the link yet bc it’s not approved lol

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