Add a new map to Flood Escape 1

If Crazyblox sees this, I want to ask if you can add a new map or 2 per difficulty. It seems boring now that I have gotten used to all the new maps and the game seems discontinued.


why don’t you play flood escape 2?

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Who plays FE1?
Oh wait, FE1 has bigger online then FE2…


It’s kinda pointless since Crazy is heavily active on working on FE2.

If crazy does plan to add new maps to FE1, the chances would be really rare.

pls add extreme room 3, 4, 5 plspls crazyblox


I think a lot of people find FE2 too hard so they prefer the classic FE1, so I kind of get your point

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incase crazyblox adds extreme room 3,4, and 5 than i will be glad but also mad at the same time because i will force myself to remake those rooms

revive. ok